Jl. Manyar Indah Raya No.43
Menur Pumpungan, Kec.
Sukolilo, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60118

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Grand Tropic Apartment Tower 1,
Suite 1902 Jl .Letjen S Parman Kav 3
Jakarta Barat 11470

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    Part-time internships are open for students still studying!

    Positions available for students / various majors:

    + SEO Website Programmer & Researcher
    + Content Writer in Bahasa Indonesia
    + Translator Bahasa Indonesia to English
    + Video Editor
    + Graphic Designer
    + Marketing Public Relations
    + Administration & Secretary
    + Accounting


    Frequently Asked Questions about Internship

    Apa itu program magang di lia s. Branding & Design?
    Program magang di lia s. Branding & Design adalah program untuk para mahasiswa dan siswa SMK yang ingin mencari pengalaman seputar dunia kerja tentang Branding & Design.
    Apa saja yang perlu disiapkan untuk mendaftar magang?
    Siapkan CV, transkrip nilai/rapor terakhir, dan portfolio berisi minimal 5 (lima) contoh karya terbaik sesuai dengan bidang yang kamu ingin magang. Contoh karya boleh tugas, boleh proyek freelance atau karya pribadimu.
    Apa saja yang akan dilakukan oleh magang?
    Magang yang telah diterima, akan kami tempatkan ke divisi-divisi yang ada di lia s. Branding & Design sesuai dengan lowongan magang yang tersedia. Secara garis besar ada 2 (dua) divisi yaitu lia s. Associates untuk proyek Branding dan Design dan lia s. Academy untuk edukasi dan komunitas Whitespace. Setiap divisi memiliki jobdesc berbeda yang akan dijelaskan saat orientasi.
    Apakah magang harus fulltime?
    Para calon magang bisa memilih untuk magang fulltime atau part-time. Untuk fulltime, magang rutin Senin sampai Jumat pukul 08.00-17.00 dan hari Sabtu pukul 08.00-15.00. Magang part-time, minimal 24 jam seminggu. Jam part-time diajukan calon magang, lalu kami sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan divisi yang menerima magang.
    Apa benefit yang diperoleh magang fulltime dibanding part-time?
    Magang fulltime berkesempatan berproses lebih dalam bersama supervisor. Untuk proyek dan aktivitas edukasi yang penting, termasuk komunitas yang rutin, supervisor magang akan memprioritaskan membina magang fulltime.
    Siapa saja yang bisa mendaftar magang?
    Mahasiswa dan siswa-siswi SMK; baik karena program universitas atau sekolah, maupun melamar karena inisiatif mandiri. Yang melamar magang karena inisiatif mandiri akan lebih menarik bagi Lia Sidik, PhD secara pribadi.
    Jangka waktu magang di lia s. berapa lama?
    Magang dilakukan selama minimal 3 (tiga) bulan. Jika perlu menambah waktu magang, bisa didiskusikan lebih lanjut.
    Jam magang ditentukan oleh perusahaan atau pribadi? Jika ada kegiatan mendesak, apakah bisa diubah?
    Jam magang diajukan oleh para calon magang, kami akan menyetujui / meminta perubahan sesuai kebutuhan divisi. Jadwal tentu bisa diubah jika memang ada hal mendesak, seperti jam kuliah yang bertabrakan dengan jam magang. Jika ada perubahan jam magang, harap info ke supervisor masing-masing minimal 3 (tiga) hari kerja sebelum ijin secara tertulis DAN lisan.
    Magang dilakukan secara online atau offline?
    Magang bisa online, juga bisa offline sesuai protokol kesehatan dan peraturan pemerintah yang berlaku selama durasi magang. Saat PPKM berlaku, magang hanya dilakukan secara online.
    Bagaimana cara daftar magang di lia s. Branding & Design?
    Pendaftaran magang melalui website lia s. Branding & Design pada menu Internship. Silakan download form pendaftaran magang dan mengisi Google Form pada link yang sudah tersedia.
    Seperti apa bentuk tes penempatan magang?
    Tes penempatan magang dilakukan secara online, dengan soal sesuai kebutuhan divisi. Satu tes wajib adalah tes hitung. Form tes dibuka dan ditutup pada waktu yang sudah ditentukan saja. lia s. Branding & Design sangat menghargai waktu.


    Valregar SosiawanValregar Sosiawan
    02:52 22 Nov 23
    071 _ Valerie Audrey071 _ Valerie Audrey
    02:51 22 Nov 23
    I learned so much in my crisis communications class. Thank you miss
    monica johanmonica johan
    02:50 22 Nov 23
    Torrence John SusantoTorrence John Susanto
    02:49 22 Nov 23
    Jerryco ShanJerryco Shan
    02:49 22 Nov 23
    Victoria AmijayaVictoria Amijaya
    02:48 16 Aug 23
    Thank you for the KOMKRIS class which is very fun and allows students to think critically when facing problems in the company☺️
    065 - Reggina Amadea065 - Reggina Amadea
    02:46 16 Aug 23
    Thank You! The class is very informative
    Nimade LalitaNimade Lalita
    02:46 16 Aug 23
    039_Jerry Gunawan039_Jerry Gunawan
    02:45 16 Aug 23
    The class was very fun and taught us how to manage crises professionally
    The Catharine ShirleyThe Catharine Shirley
    02:45 16 Aug 23
    Lulu SastarindaLulu Sastarinda
    09:05 31 Jul 23
    I did my internship here for 4 months and gained a lot of valuable knowledge. Thank you to all of the nice staff that had helped me through my internship, especially Bu Cindy, my delightful supervisor.
    ellya zulaikhaellya zulaikha
    11:06 30 May 23
    I visited this place with a group of master students studying innovation design management at the interdisciplinary school of technology management - ITS Surabaya. During our visit, we had a discussion with Ms. Lia Sidik, who possesses extensive experience in design, spanning from social to commercial projects. What makes Lia Sidik truly unique is her expertise in design research, her thorough understanding of the context, and her meticulous formulation of concepts before developing strategic ideas. Her insights were incredibly inspiring!
    08:12 15 May 23
    Ms. Lia explains the material in a concise way and easy to understand for us.
    02:48 13 May 23
    Got a lot of knowledge and exciting experiences while doing internships here huhuhuhu, the people are also very patient in guiding other interns so they can do it. Trees will not be in vain
    alyaa thirafialyaa thirafi
    09:54 04 May 23
    I'm enjoying my time here! Everyone is so nice, funny, and amazing. I'm so happy to get to experience it. Thank you lia s. and team!
    Fellix SusantoFellix Susanto
    04:15 06 Mar 23
    Memberikan good impact tentang Digital Leadership, Branding & Design dan lifestyle go green or zero waste or sustainbility
    Carissa AudreyCarissa Audrey
    03:37 06 Mar 23
    New great experience! Thank you for the opportunity and all the insights!
    Gracella IrawanGracella Irawan
    11:13 01 Feb 23
    I had an amazing experience, learned lots of new thing. Ms Sidik is such a charismatic and brilliant person, not to mention that she's also creative
    Ias ApriliaIas Aprilia
    02:40 28 Dec 22
    I learned a lot of new things here though I wish there were more interactions or works done in a team. Thank you for the great time and opportunity!
    Samantha F.LSamantha F.L
    07:02 24 Dec 22
    It's lucky for me to be chosen by them
    Putri MaharaniPutri Maharani
    04:40 24 Dec 22
    There are a lot of thing that I learn in here.Thank you to Bu Lia, Bu Arini, and all team for give me a place in here
    Pramitha Ayu NingtyasPramitha Ayu Ningtyas
    11:21 08 Dec 22
    What a valuable experience to be able to do an internship at lia s. Associates. I got a lot of knowledge and experience.
    Corie GaoCorie Gao
    05:45 04 Jul 22
    As part of the team, there are so much great things I gained over the years. A very positive team that "build" people as exemplified by Lia Sidik herself by nurturing team, effective systems, until the timeliness in finishing deadlines. A really great place & team to be around, in short.
    Lehonnita PakpahanLehonnita Pakpahan
    02:49 04 Jul 22
    It’s been an honor to have an internship at Lia Sidik Associates. I’ve met new people and learned new things here. However, I hope interns can interact more with others in a team or with supervisors to gain more capability for the future.
    Michael JordonMichael Jordon
    03:34 02 Jul 22
    Very professional, talented group of people... always ready to go that one step forward for their clients and people, what's more they provide a diverse range of skills and services... covering all aspects of branding, research, strategy, design, social media management, digital marketing, education and more.
    Waheed RahmanWaheed Rahman
    09:23 29 Jun 22
    I'm really grateful that i can join this class and learn many new things. Thank you so much for the lesson it such a great class. 😊
    Jonathan ChristianJonathan Christian
    02:10 28 Jun 22
    Having an internship at lia s. Associates Branding & Design was a good experience. Learning more about the working world, while also increasing my knowledge about branding & design. Despite being WFH, the supervisors still guide with attention and care through online.
    17:04 17 Jun 22
    Working at lia s. have given me lots of opportunities to learn more about branding, marketing, and communication.The skill of teaching and sharing knowledge become the first thing that I've tried to learn in the first year and now I've been trusted to handle important classes in various University in Surabaya.
    veronica winataveronica winata
    01:48 08 Jun 22
    learned a lot from them since 2021 till now,but it will be better if the feedback for us can be given one or two days before the class so we can prepare more for the revision and the results will be better. thankyou very much, keep it up!
    31. Owen Mansell31. Owen Mansell
    08:05 09 Apr 22
    Today I learnt a lot of skills about communication and how to present. I gained a lot of knowledge and skill growth. Easy to understand.
    salsa bilasalsa bila
    05:00 01 Apr 22
    the explanation about trending research and online branding are very insightful. Feel very fortunate to have met Mrs Lia Sidik
    07:16 31 Mar 22
    I'm honored to share about my public speaking journey on @liasidik 's WHITESPACE
    On March 2022, together we host online workshop to boost and create social media promotion & university brand awareness with five clients team from top university in Indonesia!
    Peter AngPeter Ang
    14:01 18 Feb 22
    Benar² Suhu nya Branding, can see another concept of Branding, must develop dan build foundation 1st before Branding
    Jusuf KariyadiJusuf Kariyadi
    13:56 18 Feb 22
    Hi, I'm Janice Kariyadi. Thank you so much for giving us your all in our session tonight. Never have I met a speaker who is as passionate and enthusiastic as you are.
    Silver StarllingSilver Starlling
    04:31 29 Nov 21
    I've been learning a lot from this company, A LOT; and I love how they're really understanding towards one and another, overall they have a great relationship with their teams. as monotone as their social media is but their hearts are very, very colorful. Thank you Lia S. Associate~