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Who we are

lia s. Associates is a Design and Branding agency based in Surabaya and Jakarta – Indonesia. Delivering meaningful brand growth & consumer experience since 2006.

lia s. Associates was founded from an idealistic view towards the branding and design industry. This ideal way of thinking inspires and is reflected in our brand identity “The Focus”, which also contains the promise we make to all our clients entrusted to us. Focus is our core value, it is represented by a perfectly formed transparent circle. Whilst, the visual covertness of our identity expresses our commitment to support our clients behind the scenes, our goal and intention is always to ensure our client’s brands stand illuminated beneath the spotlight.

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lia s. Associates


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Managing a brand requires careful and constant attention, especially in a market that is constantly shifting and evolving. Consistency, flexibility and speed are essential factors that go towards building success in today’s competitive market.

lia s. Associates helps ease the process for our clients when facing such events, whether it be for those opening new businesses or for those expanding their products and service across new markets. While our client’s motives may differ, there is a unified purpose, a need to enhance versatility. We help enable brands, products and services to facilitate a variety of situations and needs.

Before any phase of production, we always begin with analysis. By working closely together, and through internal and external observation, we aim to gain conclusive insight, not only to shape our visual direction, but to realize and discover new opportunities which may have been overlooked by our clients. Our focus typically begins with determining purpose, positioning and personality, all ingredients that go towards formulating conducive brand strategy.

lia s. Associates believes that branding entails a series of aspect, factors that are emotive, graphic, historic, and human. It’s an understanding that separates products and services in a world where quality is often akin to one another. And through a mix of creativity and analysis, our produce will move markets.

lia s. Associates Academy


Architecture Budgeting Course
Technical Drawing
Architecture Rendering
Architecture Technical Class
Photoshop Skill
Website Development course
Adobe vector Illustrator course
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Custom Seminar
Lia Sidik Online Teaching
University Seminar
illustration art class
Adobe Indesign course
adobe software training
adobe software courses
Customized course
Seminar Karir
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While creativity may provide attention, interest is often fleeting. Without focus or long-term thinking, trying to understand or motivate your target audience may lead to complications, bad decision making could send your message astray and trigger unproductive action, thus the need to plan strategically during all activities.  

lia s. Associates is able of continue doing business in this competitive market place because we concentrate on focusing our efforts towards urging consumers towards our client’s brands effectively. Be it for social projects, local companies, to international brands. Our work always aims to connect and to build lasting relationships between our clients and their designated target audiences.