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Providing training, seminars, lecture, workshops for schools, universities and businesses.

Visionaries recognize that knowledge is power, lia s. Associates | Branding and Design agency in Surabaya opens up opportunities to expand on your strengths.

Since 2003 lia s. Associates have been in the business of developing and hosting Ph.D. level research-based classes, seminars, workshops, key-note speeches, and private custom training sessions for a variety of Schools, Universities, and for clients desiring practical or academic training sessions for individuals and staff on a wide array of subjects designed to instruct and invigorate audiences to realize their full potential in both Surabaya and Jakarta and abroad. We call this unit lia s. Academy.

The core of what we teach at lia s. Academy, typically involves Brand Research, Brand Architecture, Brand Identity, Brand Communication, and Brand Experience. We also provide several other popular subjects, including aspects related to SEO, marketing, management, online advertising, social media management, business strategy, graphic design, architecture, illustration, art history, and much, much more.

Sadly, due to the necessity of recent conditions affecting us all around the world, all feasible training sessions have been adapted and are currently taught online. Whether it’s for individuals, or small groups desiring intimate boardroom type sessions, or webinars to suit large audiences, our courses, thanks to an assortment of tools many of us have now become familiar with, such as OBS, Zoom, Google Classroom, and so on, we can continue providing training sessions online.

Unfortunately, many of the hands-on face-to-face manual training sessions, however, have been placed on hold indefinitely for the safety of our students and our teaching staff. If you are interested in being kept updated on the status of lia s. Academy, please contact us, or comment below, and we will make sure to keep you abreast of any changes. We hope to provide some options shortly.

For those who have taken the time to look into the types of courses, seminars, and workshops available at lia s. Academy, you may have noticed a considerable number of prebuilt subjects offered to prospective students and businesses, we don’t limit ourselves to what we can do however, we are constantly in a state of research, where we learn, share and teach, and as such we offer students and clientele with great flexibility, by providing prospective students opportunities to actively shape and focus subjects more pertinent to their own educative needs, or for businesses seeking insight, or new methods to facilitate their project-based requirements.

The knowledge we teach, and the skills we share, we hope to drive and inspire confidence in all students desiring to further their education, or for those wanting to better support their company, brands, products, and services.


Do What We Share, Share What We Do

While not limited, Brand Education is part of the core offering we at lia s. Associates provide. We would like to share an outline of some of the subjects that have been widely sought and presented at numerous Universities, and continue to remain popular topics.


Brand Research

Brand Research is the base of all operations, it should go without saying that it should be a prerequisite process to building successful brands. The goal of conducting Brand Research is to contribute to the development and means of preserving a relevant, influential, and unique brand.

The knowledge and insight derived from research can significantly affect how you or your organization manages your brand. It reveals who your customers are, what influences them during the purchase decision-making process, it explores how consumers perceive your brands, and how to better exploit your brand’s tangible and intangible elements, and more.

It also highlights the necessity to regularly reassess your brand identity and to improve your long-term brand equity.

What do we cover?

  • Developing the positioning, character, and ultimate goal of your brand
  • Evaluating the health of your brand using different research gathering approaches
  • Explore research-based decision making to improve and expand your brand
  • Outline a professional research/marketing plan for your business
  • Analyzing survey results, interpreting research findings, and utilizing varying metrics to forming relevant insights and more

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for brand managers, business founders, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and creative leaders, we also offer suitable topics for all applicable levels of education.

Interested in learning more about Brand Research?

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Brand Architecture

This subject is designed to cover how one categorizes, restructures, and unifies a companies’ brands, products, and services by exploring the purpose and value of Brand Architecture.

What do we cover?

  • We look into discussing the misconception that brand architecture is simply about organizing a categorizing a brand under a master brand. We describe how brand architecture is more about understanding how a consumer perceives the links and relationships between each of your brands, products, and services, and create a cognitive impact with your selected audience.
  • The course then proceeds to discuss aspects related to numerous issues that might concern an organization if they choose not to incorporate efforts into defining their brand architecture, and how it may affect sales, long term.
  • Continuing forward, we then cover the different types of brand architecture models as used by major brands, along with providing some insightful examples, intending to urge you to proceed in developing your brand architecture system.

The result will provide students the ability to select and incorporate an effective system to organize and structure your business, for future endeavors and things to consider when naming your brands.

Who is this course for?

While useful for all level students, this is topic is primarily focused towards marketing managers, brand managers, business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, marketing students, visual designers, and visual communicators, brand strategists, and content strategists.

Interested in learning more about Brand Architecture?

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is a major contributing factor that goes towards defining a business, its brands, products, and services. It’s critical in defining one’s reputation, it provides a means to differentiate amongst competitors, and it expresses the values and ethos associated in hopes to appeal to a specified audience.

Our Brand Identity course is ideal for people wondering how major corporations can establish and maintain their corporate imagery, how they creatively and strategically create and promote their business amongst the crowd.

What do we cover?

  • Students will be introduced to the nuances of what branding entails, along with describing the fundamentals of following dependable and tactical methods for crafting their own successful brand identities, such as understanding how to segment to understand and better target their most optimal audiences.
  • We then cover subjects related to defining value and methods for evaluation.
    Such as formulating the ever-important ‘Competitive Analysis’ to assist brand developers by defining their competitor lists, to understand the value of visual benchmarking, analyze and asses to uncover insight and to discover opportunities, to encourage differentiation, to segment consumer audiences, to position and to determine one’s personality and to present an overall positive and perceptible image.
  • We then discuss the more visual aspects related to crafting a brands visual identity and expression, including the consideration and usage of certain fonts, style and tone, voice, naming, color choice, logotype, interior, and exterior design, and of course describing how a corporate logo is an essential aspect to the success of a brand.

Who is this course for?

Our Brand identity course subjects are well suited for people interested in branding, especially school students with an eye for continuing their learning in the field of graphic design, for existing University graphic design students, entry-level designers, business owners, and employees, marketing consultants, and so on.

Essentially, people wanting to comprehend the varying visual nuances of branding, to help refine their strategic goals to better position themselves in the public, to form perceptions, to provide expression, to deliver relevancy, and build a positive experience.

Interested in learning more about Brand Identity?

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Brand Communication

Brand communication relates to all actions that provide a means to communicate with your audience. Typically following a specific plan or strategy to make the most of your audiences’ response based on their wants, objectives, personality, and overall motivations.

We address the nature of consumer choice and contemporary technologies used to affect behavior. Never has mankind ever had so many options, and so brand owners must learn new methods to engage and form meaningful relations with their ever-evolving audiences. Much of the topics we offer concerning Brand Communications deal mainly with demining methods to direct audiences across all points of engagement, from building brand awareness, interacting with audiences, and land sales. Students will explore various approaches to building innovative and creative methods to facilitate these actions.

The course also explores the fundamental elements concerned with implementing strategic brand communications, referring to marketing methods, brand management, brand positioning, consumer analysis, brand integration, analysis, interpretation, and more.

What do we cover?

  • Methods to effectively drive brand communications across all media channels
  • Introducing the cyclic process of analysis and interpretation for continual optimization
  • Contemporary methods of communication, new technologies, trends, and so on
  • Discussing the varying digital advertising platforms – Paid and Organic.
  • Cover social media marketing/management
  • Building brand authority, influencing audiences, urging brand loyalty, and shaping markets
  • Develop and managing brand communications
  • Educating the importance of educating all stakeholders of the available tools, systems, and brand communication guidelines.

Who is this course for?
While customizable for all levels, this topic is ideally suited for brand owners, marketing specialists, brand consultants, copywriters, SEO and SEM specialists, graphic designers, and anyone interested in expanding their ability to formulate strategic methods for implementing successful brand communications.

Interested in learning more about Brand Communication?

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Brand Experience

Learn how to benchmark your brands, products, and services against competitors to ensure your brands differentiate is critical. Gain insight concerning the benefits of employing behavioral analytics to assist in generating and deploying unique sensations, perceptions, impressions and to better manage consumer behavioral response across all brand-related touchpoints, including brand design, packaging, environment, social media, and other related communication platforms.

Students, marketers, founders, and brand owners will learn to expand their existing marketing skillset and to emphasize the necessity of incorporating a brand-led business system. We then explore methods used to align brands across all applicable platforms consistently and discover how such activities can influence consumers in the way they perceive as they immerse themselves into the experiential world of your brand.

What do we cover?

  • This topic typically begins by outlining the necessity of critical research and analysis
  • Discovering how to apply industry standards to define systematic frameworks to employ succinct brand communication strategies via content and consumer interaction
  • Investigating and observing applicable consumer touchpoints and marketing channels to outline clear and consistent approaches to expressing brand experience accordingly
  • Developing suitable methods for stakeholders to express and communicate appropriately to consumers, using a systematic approach to ensure brand consistency across board

Who is this course for?

As mentioned beforehand, we are always ready to customize subjects to match the needs and suitability levels of all types of students, however, subjects covering this type of subject are popular for mid-level industry entrants, and digital marketers aiming to further their understanding of how to better utilize brand strategy across all applicable media channels, and to enhance their industry skillset and overall qualifications.

Subjects related to Brand Experience are also highly valuable for business owners that understand the value of incorporating a brand-led business methodology but want to improve how to build more meaningful and genuine relations with their customers.

Interested in learning more about Brand Experience?

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Who is lia s. Academy?

All topics have been curated under the supervision of chief thinker Amelia Sidik, Ph.D., and are developed and taught by our qualified faculty, and several industry experts.

Our goal is to provide access to education for all.

lia s. Academy is foremost about learning, we also strive to make our classes a sociable and pleasant experience, in order provide students the opportunity to discuss freely while they learn, be it for those that choose to learn individually, or for those amongst larger groups, to help students form deeper insight and to craft new ideas.

Contact us and let’s discuss what classes might interest you.


Interested In a Pre-Existing Course?

Currently, we are all unfortunately in the process of adapting to the global situation concerning the Coronavirus, and as such, we apologize to announce all lia s. Academy face-to-face classes, specifically ‘Architecture & Interior’ and ‘Design’ classes are momentarily closed. However, please send us a line below, or contact us directly if you wish to receive status updates on any of our pre-existing classes since we hope to come up with some alternate teaching solutions.


Interested In Customizing a Course?

While we recognize no individual or company has identical needs or requirements, for us to deliver a custom refined training outline, we would need to discuss in detail as to better assess and evaluate a balanced training program to align with your goals, needs, project timelines, resources, and tools, only then can we offer a learning approach to better cater to your requirements. Methods of training at this stage as mentioned previously will be limited to online training sessions and could include a series of self-paced learning modules, face-to-face discussion, webinars, personal advisory, business consultation, and much more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or even suggestions.
We look forward to creating an exciting customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Contact Us And Let’s Create a Custom Class



Educational Institute Portfolio

Below is a list of educational institutes lia s. Academy has worked with.

Universities: – Master Degree Level

Universitas Kristen Petra / Petra Christian University
Brand Research:

+ Brand Management

Brand Experience:

+ Brand & Tech Service


Universities: – Bachelor Degree Level

Universitas Kristen Petra / Petra Christian University

Brand Research:
+ Createvepreneur

+ Self Brand Development

+ Creative & Critical Thinking


Brand Architecture:

+ Quality Control

+ Quality in Service Industry


Brand Identity:

+ Human-Computer Interaction

+ Job Preparation Classes


Brand Communication:

+ Copywriting

+ Entrepreneurship

+ Integrated Communication Management

+ Professional Interior Designer

+ Brand Management

+ Brand Communication

+ How to Present Business Ideas

+ Digital Marketing

+ Advertising & Promotion


Brand Experience:

+ Crisis Communication


Universitas Ciputra

Brand Research:
+ BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS: How to Optimize Your Business Plan

+ Research Methodology

+ focus group discussion


Brand Architecture:
+ Project Management: Design Planning

+ Project Management: Design Project Proposal


Brand Communication:

+ Visual Studies

Brand Experience:

+ Sustainable Branding

+ Brand Activation


Universitas Dinamika (STIKOM Surabaya)

Brand Identity:

+ Seminar Karir


Universitas Tujuh Belas Agustus Surabaya

Brand Communication:

+ Desain Grafis


ITS Surabaya

Brand Research:
+ Perancangan Produk


LSPR Jakarta

Brand Research:

+ Research Methodology

Brand Communication:

+ Psychology in Design


Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Brand Identity:

+ Seminar Karir: Peran Akademisi & Praktisi


Universitas Surabaya

Brand Research:

+ Advance Branding: Brandify


Universities: – Diploma Level

LaSalle College Surabaya

Brand Experience:
+ Interior Design


Prisma Profesional Surabaya

Brand Identity:

+ MODERN OFFICE ADMIN_Gathering Alumni


Politeknik Ubaya

+ Bahasa Inggris Bisnis – Branding for Business, How to Sell Ideas

+ Sekretari – Personal Branding

+ Manajemen Pemasaran – Branding & Marketing, B2B Branding, B2C Branding


SMK (Senior High School Polytechnic)

SMK PGRI 13 Surabaya

Brand Communication:

+ Teaching Factory Jurusan DKV


SMK PGRI 1 Tulungagung

Brand Architecture:

+ Uji Kompetensi Keahlian Jurusan OTKP


SMA (Senior High School)


Brand Identity:

+ Observing & Concepting Your Idea


SMP (Junior High School)


Brand Identity:

+ Week Without Walls

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