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Intern Testimony

They joined us as interns, to then become fulltime employees and valued members of our happy hard working team.
Watch their testimony as they share some insight in describing the magic of Lia Sidik 🙂

This video is part of our #whitespacevoice series and as a gift from the team as they celebrate Lia Sidik’s birthday.

Interesting in learning more about becoming an Intern? Visit our Internship registration page.

Alternatively, if you have any other questions or want to learn more about branding, please contact us at lia s. Associates | Branding and Design agency in Surabaya.

What is Lia Sidik Magic? - P1

What is Lia Sidik Magic? - P2

What is Lia Sidik Magic? - P3

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Written by Laura Bee
7 June 2021

One reply on “Intern Testimony


    Magang disini sangatlah nyaman, komunikatif, dan sangat membangun kemampuan saya. saya bersyukur bissa mendapatkan kesempatan magang di Lia Associates selama 3 bulan. banyak hal yang bisa saya pelajari dan saya dapatkan selama magang, dan banyak hal dalam hidup saya yang berubah setelah magang. Terima kasih Bu Lia dan segenap tim Lia Associates karena telah memberikan kesempatan kepada saya untuk magang di Lia Associates


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