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Can We Solve More Problems in A Day?

It is with great pleasure that I am here to celebrate another year of my life. Should I say, “Another year older, or another year closer to death?”

Can we solve more problems in a day?

“Every battle is won before it is started,” Sun Tzu said.
Victorious warriors, they win first then go to war, while the losers go first and expect to win.

However, everyone on this planet has only 24 hours a day. So it is wise to engage only with the battles that matter. If the problem you want to win is business, it is crucial to understand the market.

Research. Measure. Validate.

If the problem you want to take care of is personal, it is key for you to be present at those important moments.

Listen. Involve. Love.

Balancing business and life, is a classic challenge. At this point, either you buy time, or have the luxury of a trusted team to make sure you always have time.

We all exist within a 24-hourly cycle, make sure you use each hour efficiently.
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This video is part of our #whitespacevoice series and as a gift from the team as they celebrate Lia Sidik’s birthday.

How To Solve More Problems In A Day?

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Written by Amelia Sidik, PhD
19 June 2021

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