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EMCO remains to this day, an award-winning subsidiary of PT Mataram Paint, one of Indonesia’s leading paint manufacturing companies with over 70 years of experience in delivering high-quality paints to the nation. During that time, they have been awarded several honors and awards from Rekor Bisnis, Reader’s choice of Wood and Metal Paint, Top Brand, and Superbrand.

Since 2006, lia s. Associates | Branding and Design agency in Surabaya, has had the honor of forming a long term and sustainable relationship with EMCO, whereby we have worked together to evolve EMCO into the brand it is this present-day, whilst simultaneously defining their products and services as an identifiable, approachable entity, covering both businesses to business and their consumer audience.


Brand Research

Packaging Research and Design

The evolution of packing is argued to have originated way back during the Neolithic period, between 10,000 – 5000 BC, where it was not only utilized to affect some form of persuasion, in terms of improving one’s trade, it was designed for practical purposes, not unlike contemporary motivations that drive industries today. Such as the storing of food and protecting precious items, in their case tools.

Very early methods included wrapping food in leaves and or storing contents in shells. As time progressed, they advanced and improved their means of packaging, mostly as an effect of necessity, to enable merchants to cover greater distances in which to exchange products for others.

It should be noted, the discovery of clay pottery was discovered during the Neolithic period and as such greatly influence the methods of how they stored and packaged items, all thanks to available technologies, something which hasn’t changed till today.

Packaging continues to maintain strong relevance, and it will likely continue to play a significant aspect in modern-day marketing considering the overabundance of choice given to consumers, the ever-changing environments, and the expansion of e-commerce platforms. Packaging is the one element that will always be the last experiential touchpoint between you and your customer.

Packaging spans beyond practicality, it’s also affected by investment into the economy, changes in technologies, and adjusts accordingly to follow lifestyle deviations and consumption patterns of your audience.


Why conduct a Packaging Research and design program?

Despite many major brands using e-commerce channels to sell and promote their brands, products, and services, the majority of sales tend to come from a retail store purchase. Looking, touching, and experiencing the products beforehand factors into their buying decision-making process. That’s not to say you should give up on optimizing and testing the performance of selling your products online.

Regardless, if your objective for conducting packaging research and design is to bring life back to an already out-of-touch brand, to launch a new product line, or simply to explore new brand strategies, packaging research is without a doubt, an essential process and well worth the investment.

Packaging research should begin at the production phase and proceed through to the final decision process of determining what design to finally utilize and to measure the effectiveness of the design long post-release. The process needs to determine how to optimize your product in terms of improving shelf impact, to shine amongst the clutter, to provide users with functionality, to providing consumers with an emphasis on relevant information, maintaining brand image alignment, and more.

The process of research needs to account for what goes on within the mind of the buyer, and what decision process consumers make before initiating any form of action. While some research can be conducted in-house, testing in-store is potentially a more effective means, and as such will likely garner better results and ensure your packaging is optimized to meet the needs of your consumer. This will ensure your packaging is optimized to best meet consumer needs and improve business results.


Optimizing EMCOs Packaging Design

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors we considered during EMCO’s packaging research program.


Effective Packaging Research with Shoppers and Consumers

While Quantitative research is important, the prime purpose of this research program was to understand the driving forces behind consumer attitude and preference. What elements of packaging create appeal? How and what colors relate to the product, type, and category? What types of emotional reactions do consumers have during the process of deciding to buy your product, and so on, and as such relates to the importance of qualitative research.

Some of the judging criteria we employ look into On-shelf impact, Packaging Clutter, Functionality. We aim to determine whether or not your product stands out from the clutter, while differentiated does it still maintain relevance to the product, type, and category. Does it inform the buyer of the use and benefits, does it reflect the needs, expectations and relate to the buyer. What are the cues for recognition? It’s generally agreed that the buying decision process takes around 1-2 seconds, and so gaining insight as to how all these elements factors, is essential.

Additionally, we consider the functional aspects from the consumer perspective, such as, is it easy to carry, open, how can it be stored, does it inform and communicate the product category type, and so on.

And lastly, does it appeal to the right target audience in terms of demographics and socioeconomics.


lia s. Associates Branding and Design agency in Surabaya was tasked to assist EMCO in conducting their packaging research program. After completion, EMCO was able to reassess their existing packaging design strategy and begin the process of optimizing the effectiveness of appealing to both shoppers and consumers

The process involved a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods designed to gain insight towards understanding things like:

  • Consumer Perceptions
  • Brand positioning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Buying decision process flow
  • On-shelf impact
  • Fundamental Graphic Design Principals
  • Functionality
  • And more

Additional research criteria required our team to determine options for more sustainable and cost-effective materials for their packaging, and as such their packaging now uses thinner materials, what is more, the materials are easier to recycle and the overall manufacturing investment is much lower, thus increasing EMCOs ROI via intelligent packaging design.

Your packaging is a major factor that goes towards urging your audience to purchase your products. Your products must connect with the intent and expectations your audience demands and desires. It must target the most optimal audience and provide an efficient means to educate, inform, inspire an emotional connection that initiates purchase decisions. Such factors pertain to the choice of colors, style of packaging, overall functionality, copy, branding, shelf display, and much more.

Like any phase of promotion, advertising, SEO, marketing, the process of refining and optimizing your packaging is much the same. It requires a continual approach to monitor, report, and research the elements that affect consumer behavior, experience, and buying decisions. Be it for small or major refinement, each phase must meet the demands of your audience and grow with the times.

If you are interested in learning more or considering conducting your own Brand Research activity, contact us, let’s take a look under the hood to get you up and running.

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Brand Architecture

Production and Distribution

The next phase of action lia s. Associates Branding and Design agency undertook for EMCO was defining their Product System. Getting their house in order.

This entailed outlining a product system or architecture to assist with unifying their varied product groups, segments, categories, and lines into an organized, interrelated series of product lines that functioned harmoniously. To highlight how their products and sub-brands connect.

In the case of EMCO, their product system was varied and complex and was not entirely clear or harmonious. When we think of Product Systems in relation to paint, think – Primer paints, Intermediate coats, Finishing coats. They all have their varied specifications and usage, such as Wood, Metal surface, and so on. What’s more, they may cater to different socioeconomic audiences, demographically speaking.

lia s. Associates developed alongside their other branding activities to produce a cohesive and aligned system to transform their packaging across the board, intending to alleviate potential confusion, and shaping it into clarity.

The point we had to consider:

  • Does the product properly Target a specific customer audience?
  • Is the Title of the product clear?
  • Does the Product clearly express and inform?
  • Is the product correctly positioned?

Developing brand architecture or Product Systems is never easy, it is however essential for the longevity of your brand.  It goes towards the commitment you make towards the vision of your brand. EMCO came to our lia s. Associates because they understood the value of better aligning their products with consumers, and streamlining the process of organizing and managing their own varied yet interrelated product lines.

Research can help determine the right Brand Architecture, or in this case the right Product System, to build product unification, clarity for consumers, and an ability to direct the internal working of the organization.

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Brand Identity

Originating during the 50s, EMCO has become a household name, known throughout Indonesia by decision-makers, owners, architects, contractors, project managers, construction workers both literate and illiterate, recognize EMCO and the products associated by a powerfully recognizable brand identity element – Their mascot, the EMCO Knight.

And so as part of rejuvenating the heritage EMCO amidst an already well-formed marketplace, lia s. Associates were tasked to design several applicable design elements to improve the company’s ability to better associate and communicate their products, brands, and services with their existing target audience, and to facilitate the production of numerous applications associated with defining and formulating their overall Brand Identity.

Such activities included the development of their:

  • Overall Brand Identity System
  • Logo Design and associated elements
  • Icon design
  • Stationary
  • Handbill, Brochures, Leaflets
  • Corporate profile
  • Uniform design

And many other tangibles such as tone of voice, colors, fonts, supergraphics.
and everything else required to inform the world who they are.


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Brand Communications

As with any serious organization investing in improving one’s marketing activities, EMCO proceeded to extend their activities into improving their Brand Communications.

They wanted to pursue Brand Communications to bridge their brand and their audience. To provides a guide for all methods of communication, for internal and external stakeholders to express and engage with a variety of specific audiences using a systematic, consistent, strategic, relatable, approachable, effective plan designed to form long-term relationships.

Therefore, it required a proactive effort towards defining the right approach to said strategy, and that is where lia s. Associates came into play.

As part of producing EMCOs brand communication deliverables, including their “Above the Line” mediums – such as Billboards to promote Brand Awareness. And their “Below the Line” content, such as PR campaign materials, social media marketing content, collateral for events, online advertising (Google, Facebook, and Twitter ads), app development, music production, and more to drive action.


Defining EMCOs Brand Communication Strategy

For lia s. Associates to develop EMCOs brand communications, they needed to comprehend several things, such as:

  • Knowing Their Audience
    Forming successful Brand communications is impossible without knowing who your audience is, it goes beyond defining one’s demographics.

It’s about understanding what makes them tick, understanding their biography of sorts, how they live, their challenges, their mindset, behavior, and perspectives. To learn that requires initiating conversation and listening.

Put simply, know who you are talking to, to understand their needs.

  • Planning Your Communications
    You need to know what key message you plan to communicate. Optimizing your message regularly to analyze and report, to ensure your message is effective. Something that relates to your audience’s intent, content that inspires and produces an emotional connection with your targeted audience.It is important to build trust, educate, inspire and shape perceptions, and ultimately build long-term relations.
  • Building Engaging Content
    Besides providing helpful and informative content, your content needs to appeal, and of course, it needs to reach your audience.It needs to use a medium that effectively aligns and delivers your communication goals, and as such also needs to enable interactivity, engagement and effectively strengthen your brand reputation. On top of that, it needs to appropriately represent the core value of your brand.

As part of an integrated marketing communications campaign, lia s. devised an advert for EMCO that incorporated an Ishihara diagnostic test into the design, based on insight derived from consumer journey research which indicated that a fair portion of local builders may have been unaware of their color blindness.

Local retail stores cut our advert and placed them in their store to test builders before they purchased paints from their EMCO colorcard.

The program was awarded a national award from Jawa Post.



Additionally, lia s. Associates designed a series of color-themed billboards, which was also well received and earned local fame, due to the fresh, creative and lighthearted approach.

As for digital brand communications, lia s. Associates have been heavily involved with developing their websites and managing EMCOs social media for many years, they too have received a variety of social media awards over the years, such as the Indonesian Digital Popular Brand Award from 2015 till today – In recognition of building a popular brand based on search engine results, social media and their website.


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If your company wants to create content at an award-winning level, well, contact the team at lias . Associates | Branding and Design agency in Surabaya… and let’s get this conversation going.


Creating Awesome Brand Experience

All of the following elements shown below signify parts of what makes a successful Brand Experience when implemented correctly.

  • Brand identity and design
  • Brand voice, copywriting style, context, and tone
  • Produce positive user experience
  • Projective a consistent, influential trustworthy Brand image
  • Delivering concise, polite, and helpful customer support

Brand Experience involves creating memorable experiences to inspire customers to evoke positive perceptions and feelings towards your business, brands, and services across all touchpoints, from experiencing a product’s packaging, building facade, retail interior, customer service, smell, sound, and more.

Brand Experience refers to the relationship between you and your customer. Once your company comprehends how to effectively represent your brand, along with targeting your relevant audience, you can begin the process of generating content, nurturing and growing an active community, and engaging your communities by inviting them to experience the entity of your brand.

Some of the Brand Experience programs lia s. Associates provided EMCO over the last 15 years include things such as:

  • Corporate Training – Covering various Branding topics, including shaping and aligning all interactions between customers and EMCOs call center
  • Mobile App development relating to their color apps
  • Mobile Game Development – iOS and Android
  • O2O – Online 2 0nline, to tempt potential customers within a digital realm to purchase goods or services from a physical business or retail store
  • Social Media Management

One of the struggles for EMCO was that they lacked cohesiveness, unable to deliver consistency whilst interacting with potential and existing consumers, partly due to the nature of thousands of retails stores across Indonesia selling their products with little or no brand oversight, and as such, lia s. Associates set out to devise a standardized system that would train EMCOs call center and sales force, to ensure they applied an appropriate, cohesive, and consistent O2O (offline to online) shopping experience for their customers.

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And if you feel Brand Experience might be for you, or you need help branding your business, give us a call or contact us for a meet.



EMCO has been fortunate to have won several prestigious awards. Notably, one of their more prestigious awards could be the INDONESIA HERITAGE BRAND award, due to the fact it celebrates and acknowledges EMCO as a high-quality product that has continued to support Indonesia, since 1950.

Tabloid Rumah Readers’ Choice Awards
Superbrand awards
2 Rekor Bisnis Rebi awards
Idea Rumah Awards
Top Brand awards
Indonesian original Brand award
Indonesian Living Legend awards
Digital Popular brand award

To learn more about EMCO please visit their website at www.matarampaint.com


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