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Part-time internships are open for students still studying!
Positions available for students / various majors:
+ SEO Website Programmer & Researcher
+ Content Writer in Bahasa Indonesia
+ Translator Bahasa Indonesia to English
+ Video Editor
+ Graphic Designer
+ Marketing Public Relations
+ Administration & Secretary
+ Accounting

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For local applicants seeking a placement interview –  please prepare:
+ CV with a Cover letter
+ Recent 4×6 coloured photo
+ Copy of KTP, KTM, SIM (if applicable)
+ Photocopy of your last transcript/report card
+ Photocopy of certificates/diplomas
+ Printout 5 of your best works!
+ Fill out this Google Form
For applicants outside of Surabaya >> contact us for an online interview

See you at the interview!


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The internship program at lia s. Branding & Design is a program for high school students and university students who wants to gain experience around the world of work regarding Branding & Design.

Prepare your CV, final transcript/report card, and a portfolio containing at least 5 (five) examples of the best work according to the field you want to apply for. Examples of work can be assignments, freelance projects or your personal work.

Interns that have been accepted will be assigned to the divisions in lia s. Branding & Design in accordance with available internship vacancies. There are 2 (two) divisions; lia s. Associates for Branding and Design projects and lia s. Academy for education plus the WHITESPACE community. Each divisions has a different job description which will be explained during orientation.

Interns can choose to do full-time or part-time internships. For fulltime, regular internships are Monday to Friday at 08.00-17.00 and Saturday at 08.00-15.00. Part-time internship, at least 24 hours a week. Part-time hours are proposed by internship candidates, then we will adjust them according to the needs of the division under.

Full-time internships have the opportunity to process more deeply with supervisors. For important educational projects and activities, including routine community activity, the supervisors will prioritize to educate fulltime interns.

High school students and university students; either because of a university or school program, or applying because of an independent initiative. Those who apply for an internship because of an independent initiative will be more attractive to Lia Sidik, PhD personally.

Internship is carried out for a minimum of 3 (three) months. If it is necessary to increase the internship time, it can be discussed further.

Internship hours are proposed by interns, we will approve / request changes according to division needs. The schedule can of course be changed if there are urgent matters, such as lecture hours that collide with internship hours. If there is a change in internship hours, please inform each supervisor at least 3 (three) working days prior to written AND verbal permission.

Internships can be online or offline according to health protocols and government regulations that apply for the duration of the internship. When PPKM is in effect, internship program will be going online.

Registration for internships through the lia s. Branding & Design website under the ‘Internship’ menu. Please download the internship registration form and fill out the Google Form on the link provided.

The internship placement test is conducted online, with questions according to the division’s needs. One mandatory test is the arithmetic test. The test form is opened and closed at the specified time only. lia s. Branding & Design really values ​​time.

FAQ Bahasa

Program magang di lia s. Branding & Design adalah program untuk para mahasiswa dan siswa SMK yang ingin mencari pengalaman seputar dunia kerja tentang Branding & Design.

Siapkan CV, transkrip nilai/rapor terakhir, dan portfolio berisi minimal 5 (lima) contoh karya terbaik sesuai dengan bidang yang kamu ingin magang. Contoh karya boleh tugas, boleh proyek freelance atau karya pribadimu.

Magang yang telah diterima, akan kami tempatkan ke divisi-divisi yang ada di lia s. Branding & Design sesuai dengan lowongan magang yang tersedia. Secara garis besar ada 2 (dua) divisi yaitu lia s. Associates untuk proyek Branding dan Design dan lia s. Academy untuk edukasi dan komunitas Whitespace. Setiap divisi memiliki jobdesc berbeda yang akan dijelaskan saat orientasi.

Para calon magang bisa memilih untuk magang fulltime atau part-time. Untuk fulltime, magang rutin Senin sampai Jumat pukul 08.00-17.00 dan hari Sabtu pukul 08.00-15.00. Magang part-time, minimal 24 jam seminggu. Jam part-time diajukan calon magang, lalu kami sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan divisi yang menerima magang.

Magang fulltime berkesempatan berproses lebih dalam bersama supervisor. Untuk proyek dan aktivitas edukasi yang penting, termasuk komunitas yang rutin, supervisor magang akan memprioritaskan membina magang fulltime.

Mahasiswa dan siswa-siswi SMK; baik karena program universitas atau sekolah, maupun melamar karena inisiatif mandiri. Yang melamar magang karena inisiatif mandiri akan lebih menarik bagi Lia Sidik, PhD secara pribadi.

Magang dilakukan selama minimal 3 (tiga) bulan. Jika perlu menambah waktu magang, bisa didiskusikan lebih lanjut.

Jam magang diajukan oleh para calon magang, kami akan menyetujui / meminta perubahan sesuai kebutuhan divisi. Jadwal tentu bisa diubah jika memang ada hal mendesak, seperti jam kuliah yang bertabrakan dengan jam magang. Jika ada perubahan jam magang, harap info ke supervisor masing-masing minimal 3 (tiga) hari kerja sebelum ijin secara tertulis DAN lisan.

Magang bisa online, juga bisa offline sesuai protokol kesehatan dan peraturan pemerintah yang berlaku selama durasi magang. Saat PPKM berlaku, magang hanya dilakukan secara online.

Pendaftaran magang melalui website lia s. Branding & Design pada menu Internship. Silakan download form pendaftaran magang dan mengisi Google Form pada link yang sudah tersedia.

Tes penempatan magang dilakukan secara online, dengan soal sesuai kebutuhan divisi. Satu tes wajib adalah tes hitung. Form tes dibuka dan ditutup pada waktu yang sudah ditentukan saja. lia s. Branding & Design sangat menghargai waktu.