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Brand Scan Results

Hi, thanks for trying out lia s. Brand Scan Quiz.
Please take a look at your results as shown below.


Q1: You chose A.
A. When I think, I’m organized, thorough and hardworking.
Chances are you might have things on track, but if you feel something is missing from your current brand research, pass Lia Sidik your notes, data and journals and receive a special discount for allowing us to further your Brand Research.

In just 2 weeks, we will be able to present a clear Branding Concept for you!


Q2: You chose D.
D. I prefer to focus on one business at a time.
Hey there brand Mogul! Well done, seems like you’ve already done your own Brand Research and are likely on your way or have already begun expanding your business, brand offerings and services. If you haven’t already, it would be prudent to consider defining your Brand Architecture to ensure your business, brands and services run cohesively, strategically and follow strict guidelines across board. Give us a call and we can get set to laying down the foundations of your Brand.


To learn more about Brand Research, Brand Architecture, Brand Identity, Brand Communication and Brand Experience, call Lia Sidik or contact us for a chat!


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